HSE: Health Safety and Environment

Sustainable production

In line with the Top Planet energy efficiency program initiated in 2008, this third pillar of Plastic Omnium's CSR policy aims to reduce the impact of its factories and production. The sites must be certified ISO 14001, ISO 45001, and soon ISO 50001 in Europe (energy management system).

Top Planet



Reduction of carbon footprint



  • European regulations call for a 95% recycling rate for all vehicles (of its average weight). Plastic material is easy to recycle, paving way for circular economy. Plastic Omnium integrates current and future regulations and the conception stage of its developments to minimize its impact on environment.

  • Plants are engaged in a permanent process to reduce production waste. They are either recycled or reintroduced in the production process (72%), recovered by incineration with energy recovery (16%) or incinerated without energy recovery.

  • Next Step? Life cycle analyses on four products representative of the Group, to identify areas in which it can improve and minimize its footprint.
    Our objective: a 20% reduction for CO2 emissions per kilo of processed material by 2025
    Top Planet program was launched in 2007 with the objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions due to energy consumption in Plastic Omnium's plants. Three main levers to reach 2025 next ambitious target:

  • Improvement of plants energy efficiency (including through 50001 certification)
  • Production of renewable energy in every plant
  • Purchase of green energy

As a responsible company Plastic Omnium has decided to support Act4Nature. Each member signs 10 common engagements to protect biodiversity, plus other specific measures. The Group’s objectives are structured around 4 axes:

  • Conception and development of new products aiming at reducing carbone and other nocive emissions from automotives.

  • An efficient plant management to protect the environment, through in house Top Planet program.

  • Oceans protection from plastic waste, by supporting Race4Water program. In Plastic Omnium’s Plants, the industrial waste is recycled up to 88%.

  • Supporting local initiatives in favour of biodiversity, such as Puebla’s (Mexico), participating to the reforestation of Flor del Bosque parc and Izta-Popo National Parc.